Punam in Bechraji

Today is Punam in gujarati month.
My hometown is becharaji and there is a big tempale in bechraji.The templae mataji name is bahucharmata.
But you know friends secreat thing about Punam in bechraji.
Every Punam there is mataji’s palkhi come.
You can see in to the pic.
This type palkhi.You can visit bahuchraji.
The time is 9:30 PM and every Punam.
Next Punam date is 12-07-2014 palkhi time is 9:30PM

palkhi 1



One thought on “Punam in Bechraji

  1. Looks wonderful! My map shows Bechraji to be equally between Karachi, Delhi, and Mumbai. All are very far from me in California USA. So, sorry I will miss it. Please share more photos stories and your experience.


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