Chaitra Purnima 2014 Bahuchraji

Chaitra month is by meditation and worship opportunities. The religious significance of Navratri Chaitri Chaitri Poonam is also anerum. Twelve-year-old Poonam Chaitri is very important. The day was muktipadane many Mahatmas. Mr. Vrsabhadeva the son of God and vinami nami with his first ganadhara shri pundarika Swami was muktipadane today, so Chaitri full moon day is considered excellent. In today’s day of worship – worship are

According to the story, while the latter vrsabhadev Chaitri Purnima was baptized when he handed her the embroidery and bahubalin. Nami and vinami was not present at the time of initiation of God, so he was not part of the state. Nami and vinami abroad where I have asked that our father, he replied that he had not initiated by delivering to the state they fled. Nami and vinami the other hand, the state began to propitiate God. The Lord was pleased when his service to science and to achieve them adatalisa thousand fifty thousand states given. Such was the state of the contour and vinami. For many years, well above the state and then claiming he was baptized at the Chaitri Poonam shree vimalacala Taurus Mountain is Tirtha Swami Vandana died and two million exemptions with Sage. Shri Swami Ganadhara vrsabhadeva Chaitri pundarikaji also received full moon day vimalacala muktipada Tirtha. For this reason it is called pundarikagiri vimalacala hill.
Chaitri the full moon day of salvation have received the entire spirit world, this day is very important in a religious way. The day of fasting is devoted to the attainment of Moksha. Vrsabhadevani and pundarika worship – are arcana. It Chaitri the full moon day of fasting, meditation, worship – arcanathi fruit is five million times.

Since the month of Chaitra Navratri is also the month of worship of Shakti, the full moon day Chaitri at Ambaji and bahucarajina maibhaktoni umete darsanarthe the crowd. The North Gujarat region of the famous temple is Goddess bahucharaji bahuchara Mata, Here Chaitri Poonam fair to fill.

The fairs are maibhaktoma anerum Mahatmya. Chaitri bahuchar Maa the moon and it has become an integral part of each other. Goddess in the month of Chaitra and beau rpuitani paraca many stories are in vogue today bahuchara Goddess dham pedestrian access is also important. Chaitri moon goddess banner transfusion is a very ancient tradition which aparampara glory. The Banner from the hands of people and walking on foot away from the temple of Goddess in Chaitri full moon rise on the banner.


The vehicle kukado bahuchara Mataji Temple kukadan games due to a very old tradition, which makes people bhavapurna. Laddu pure ghee and milk offerings are to be filled in the holes. Chaitri full moon day bahucharaj sankhalpur procession departs. In this way, the power and devotion Chaitri moon is observed with a beautiful combination.



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