Ernest Hemingway’s book of Death

Ernest Hemingway’s book of Death

After reading Ernest Hemingway’s book with the same title – Death in the afternoon – I strongly feel that people need to read this book, or any book written by Hemingway for that matter.

Even though Death in the Afternoon is a non-fiction book about Spanish bullfighting, perhaps not expected to be a first choice for this summer’s page-turners, it is written in a truly great manner that gives you the same excitement and enjoyment as any written fiction might have done. It is not difficult to read, understand or enjoy, it is however difficult to put down.

Making a non-fiction book this interesting, especially about a subject that is unknown to me, and at the same time making it this easy to read, gave me an understanding why Hemingway is praised as one of the greatest writers of this century.

So if you are wondering what book to read next I recommend that you pick Death in the Afternoon or, as I mentioned before, any book written by Ernest Hemingway.



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