7 most expensive homes in India

Owning a house is every man’s dream. For a select few, just about any house won’t do, as owning the right kind of house that symbolises their wealth, power, and status is elemental. These are the people who lead multinationals, earn big and spend big. They are leaders, decision makers, game changers, and mavericks who inspire. Their house is not just as big as their ego (ahem!); it is as loud and as minimalistic as their persona and is a mirror of their true self. One can be assured that only the very best will be found in their houses – the most expensive drapes, tiles, paintings, gadgets, fittings and so on. While most of us can dream and wish to own a house that big and opulent, what we sure can do is read up on and ogle at the houses of the high and mighty. Get ready for some architectural marvels that can cause some structured orgasms!


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