Facebook Poem Enjoy !

As I log in
I want to see how everybody’s been
Enjoying Posts here and there
Some I cannot help but stare.

Weddings, Engagements, Baptisms, Showers, Births, Graduations Galore
How did I ever go without Facebook Before?
Making the World a much Smaller Place,
To see lovely pictures of Your loved ones Face.

To Some I have met and I will meet,
I am so impatient for that day to finally greet,
Hugs, Kisses, Beautiful Memories and more,
There is still plenty of memories that is in store.

Commenting, Liking, Sharing, Posting,
All of a Sudden seeing an event that someone is Hosting,
Videos, Games, Causes, Links and More,
There really is never any time to bore.

Birthday Announcements Everyday
Wishing everybody the best on their special day,
Sending Messages and Pokes Here and There,
Keeping in touch with them is only Fair.

Joining Groups and Liking Pages
Things were interested in never Ages,
Funny, Inspirational, Happy, Beautiful Thoughts
Seeing the beauty of Communication that never droughts.

Oh Facebook Family, how I love you,
To my Fans, I will never forget you too,
My Facebook Family will always be in my heart,
I am so Glad to have had an account to start.



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