Why people said ” WHY , WHY “


When kids are small, as in toddler age, they are constantly asking this question. It puzzles me when grown-ups ask it, but not too much.

You see, this question is essential to everything that we have and believe but it is also one of those questions that can come up against a wall at some point because for some things there is no answer to the “why” of it, it just is!

Why is the Sun yellow? Why can’t we fly? Why does that man look funny? Why do you wear certain clothes? These questions are annoying and childish but people think them regardless, whether they voice them is another matter altogether.

Could this question be the one that we are all looking for the answer to? Why am I here? This is the BIG one! Nearly everyone that I know has asked this at some point in their lives. Some actually seek the answer to this and some find it. Others, get bored with the seeking and just quit, thinking that the answer will show itself eventually.

The person who knows the answer to this question is God, but many people don’t want to bring Him into their lives. They don’t want the burden of having the Creator “in their business” all of the time. Why not? He knows what you are doing and where you are going anyway, whether you have asked Him into your heart or not! As Ray Stevens once remarked in a song of his years ago, “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!” God is literally everywhere and every “when” too, so He know what you did ten years ago and what you will be doing ten years from now. The fact that you haven’t let Him into your heart doesn’t matter, He still knows you!

Give Jesus a chance to be your personal Savior this season. I guarantee that He will be the greatest gift that you have ever or will ever receive, on into eternity!



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