About Life

Life is like a mountain even the weak in the physical can climb faster than a muscular being. Your present physical state is not a limitation but a blessing only those who are ready for greatness can clearly see.

You are what you think you are, you will be what you often ( consciously and unconsciously ) imagine yourself becoming and your kind of death will just help to summaries the kind of person you truly are.

It hasn’t finished for any being even when lying in a casket death and ready to be buried, a being is only finished when buried because he/she could still come back to life before his/her final burial. So there is no point losing hope when you still have a drop of life in you. You might have no hands, poor sight, no legs, bad hearing or what ever but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything that will put you way ahead of thousands of those who got all the physical attribute you think you don’t have. Check out the like’s of Steven wonder, nick vujicic and many other death and living greats who are physically challenged but still did and still doing exploit to the extent that the so call able men are looking upto them ( even yours sincerely).

Folks, never be discouraged or allow your situations, physical look, position or what so ever to talk you down to the state of self pity and discouragement. Life is a challenge, in anyway it present itself to you stand up tall in your spirit and tackle it head on. You are born too special to allow a little deformity to weigh you down, I wish your mirror could really show you how gorgeous you are maybe then you will understand that you are too beautiful to allow a man word to make you feel bad.

According to the Holy Books, God said “He saw that all that He has created were Good” so as far as you are a creature of this same God, you are perfectly glorious the way you are. As you about to conclude the reading of this write up please sit back and search deep into your inner self and I’m assuring you that you will truly confirm that truly “BEAUTY LIVES INSIDE” bring it out for the whole world to see while you continue to live it and enjoy it till eternity. BE INSPIRED!!



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