Life is not long samuel johnson


.. and too much of it must not pass in idle deliberation how it shall be spent.

This was said by Samuel Johnson

I’m not saying I live by this principle today, right now I’m just trying to formulate something that can help me pursue it.

I think there are 3 different ways to live you life and you can make decisions.

The first one is Analysis Paralysis. You simply think to much and analyse every possible outcome of opportunities you might have. This is necessarily not a bad thing, of course you have to think about it. But, for me what often can happen is that I either think about too long and end up not doing it at all or I just get expectations that most certainly wont be consistent with reality, which is just bad in every way. If you’re going in to a state of Analysis Paralysis, make sure that you do whatever you can to get out of it..

The second one is Procrastination. I have a tendency of replacing things that matter with things that really don’t… classic thing to do. This has a logic explanation. Sigmund Freud’s says that the pleasure principal may be the cause which basically means that we avoid negative emotions and delay stressful tasks to replace them with somethings thats more “pleasurable”. Thats not exactly rocket science, humanity 1-on-1.

The last one is that you actually do it. It can’t be argued that this is the best thing. Theres a saying at Facebook “Move fast and break things” which we have kind of stolen to Writement. Because in the end, you don’t truly know until you tried.

Just do it.




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