Never Come Tomorrow


Something that really amazes me is how lazy I sometimes get, it is almost frightening. I’ll give you an example. I get a lot of ideas for stuff to record. The problem is the quality of the sound get amazingly better going via an amplifier instead of directly plugged in to the sound card. For it to go via the amp I need two tele-cables. One going from the guitar to the amplifier and one going from the amplifier to the sound card, you get the idea. I’ve had just one, so instead of just getting my lazy ass down to a music store to buy a second tele-cable and record my “amazing” stuff, I’ve just kept it in my head thinking: “This weekend, I’m gonna buy it and record everything”. It’s been like that for quite some time.

I wonder if thats only me or if everyone gets as lazy. But its only small insignificant matters which this applies. Work and and other more important matters I mostly do without hesitating. It’s weird in a way since those kind if things are much more demanding. I don’t have any fancy way of ending this post so I’ll just stop writing…


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