Happy Hug Day


Hug Is The Best Medical Cure For Every Disease,
Every Patient Needs A Hug For Curement.
A Hug Is Like A Boomerang You Get It Back Right Away.
Happy Hug Day…


Do You Know?
There Is One Gift Which Can’t Be Given
Without Taking It Back…
That Is Why I Give You Hug
Which Can’t Be Giving Without Taking It Back.
Happy Hug Day!!
You are so especial to me.
There is nothing better than
Having you as a friend
To share hug day with!
Thank you for making my
Day brighter.


Just do me a favor,
Put ur left hand on ur right shoulder and
Ur right hand on ur left shoulder.
Guess what …
I just messaged you a hug.

‘Tonight I ask the stars above,
How I’ll ever win your Hug Day,
What do I do,
What do I say,
To turn your angel eyes my way?’


What A Sweet & Beautiful Relation God Has Make,
Son & Father, A Pure & Noble Relation On Earth
My Lovely Daddy, Helped Me, Saved Me, Hugged Me,
Kissed Me, And Made Me Laugh, Told Me Story’s,
Made Be Happy On A Sad Day, That’s My 1 & Only Dad
Give A Warm Hug To Your Dad On Hug Day…..


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