What is TRUTH?


Do you speak & listen truth always? I bet you can not speak always but you can listen to it always. There are some situations in which you dump the truth. There are two types of truth as I’ve found through my experiences. One is the everlasting divine truth which can never be ignored. The other is the truth which is the account of the daily-life happenings.

The divine truth is embedded in your heart. It is a treasure which needs to be discovered. It an never be ignored for too long. This truth eases your life and is simple to understand. For its exploration, you just need to listen to your heart with faith & energy. The greatest quality of this truth is that you’ll love to tell everyone.

The daily-life truth is stored in the mind by default. It is developed and stored in the mind by our senses. For example – Earth circles the Sun, Larry Page & Sergey Brin founded Google, you saw Harry stealing something, etc. So the daily-life truths are actually happenings. when we try to resist our brain to speak a lie, our body processes react unexpectedly. We sweat, our throat becomes dry and eyes move randomly & quick. Naturally all humans are honest by default.

But what if a truth will destroy the peace and harmony? It is a difficult situation. We must try to be calm and listen to what the heart says. Believe.

The heart will show the correct path. A lie that saves lives is better than a truth that kills. Another question arises, if someone is given a task and it is doing it inappropriately, then do we have to tell that person what it is supposed to do? Yes, if someone’s distracted from its task or doing something harmful, we must tell it the truth.

Let’s take an example – if your child is abusing someone badly, then tell the child that it is very sinful. At first, the child will resist but it’ll understand the matter. All you need is patience and courage to tell the truth.

Your personality is shaped by the decisions you make in your life.

Break free. Imagine. Change.



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