Why is it so important to make decisions?


Right now you decided to read this article. There were other choices but you opted to read. That’s only & only your decision. Nobody told you. This decision was quick. But some decisions take time. Like choosing a car or a house. So why decisions take much time? Simple. Because such decisions are about money, children or your own life. You think many times before investing. What’s that: care for your life or your capital? Well in both cases it’s a waste. You don’t need to care about anything. Let’s take two examples:

  1. Suppose you’re about to choose a suitable house for your family. You’ve top three contenders and you’re comparing them. What’s the need of comparing? It’s a waste. Just look at the size of your family and select a house which fits you all. Nothing complicated.
  2. Consider that an unknown person is walking down the street. Suddenly he comes at you and offers a hand. Now what? You’ll hesitate. You may ignore that thing but you know you should shake hands.

What you learn from those two examples? Conclusion is that there are two factors that affect your decision: Fear and Greed. In the first example there was greed that “I want this feature”, “It lacks this”, etc. Believe me, your wishes have no end. They keep on increasing until you dump them. In the second example there was fear dominating. You may think “Do I know him?”, “Is he a thief” and many such stupid questions. My dear, just smile and shake hands. Love for love. Fear has nothing to do with you. But if you pay attention to it, more than that paid to love, then it’s game over.

You should make decisions by the harmony of vibrations of both: heart and mind. Heart knows what’s true. Mind knows how to do. Decisions have to be quick and yet efficient and that comes when you remove fear and greed. Remember, decisions shape your personality and life. You make decisions and decisions make you.

Think quick. Decide. Move on. You’ve many things to enjoy. Be happy.



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