WordPress Site Maintenance

Getting a WordPress Tune Up

To keep WordPress working like the finely honed machine that it is, there is some site maintenance we recommend you do frequently. Consider it the lube job you need once every 1000 miles.

Begin by creating a calendar of WordPress Maintenance procedures to remind yourself to get a lube job on your WordPress site on a regular basis.

In the Codex article on WordPress Housekeeping, tips and resources are given to clean house in WordPress. These include cleaning out old plugins, cleaning template files and the theme’s style sheet, upgrading WordPress, and other helpful tips for cleaning up and optimizing your WordPress Site.

To ensure you keep your WordPress site up-to-date and working in prime condition, consider adding these Housekeeping steps to your calendar, typically every three to six months.

Update WordPress

WordPress is quickly growing and expanding as more features and functions are included and perfected. It is recommended that you check in with WordPress for updates and upgrades at least every three months, six months at the most. Check WordPress and WordPress Downloads for information on the latest version available.

Check for Dead Links

One of the most complained about aspect of using the Internet is the dead link. This is a link on a page or search engine that goes nowhere. It results in the dreaded 404 Page Error – Page Not Found. These can come from links to external sites that have changed their address or closed, or it can come from internal links. When you link between posts in your post articles, you might have misspelled a permalink address or put in the wrong post-ID, resulting in a page not found on your site. If you’ve recently made a change in your permalink structure, you might have some 404 page errors that might need cleaning up.

Add to your WordPress maintenance list regularly scheduled visits to your site’s statistic logs to check on reports of 404 errors on your site, and take time to run a links check on your external, and internal, links to make sure everything is still connected. Dependent upon the site and number of links on your site, you should check your site for dead links every six months to a year.


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