User Roles In WordPress


Keep in mind this blog.Before Assigning the user in your site.It will help you

A Role defines a set of tasks a user assigned the role is allowed to perform. For instance, the Super Admin role encompasses every possible task that can be performed within a Network of virtual WordPress sites. The Administrator role limits the allowed tasks only to those which affect a single site. On the other hand, the Author role allows the execution of just a small subset of tasks.

Administrators can do anything in the WordPress administration area: write, edit, and delete posts,
pages, links, and comments; upload media files of any type; import content; manage the Dashboard;
create, edit, and delete other users; enable and configure plugins and themes; change the site’s theme;
and manage all the available options.

Editors can publish, edit, and delete posts and pages written by any user. They can upload some
kinds of files, and they can write HTML without restrictions. They can manage links and categories, and
they can moderate comments. Editors and administrators are also the only users allowed to read private
posts and pages.

Authors can publish, edit, and delete their own posts. They cannot write pages. They can upload
some kinds of media files, and they are allowed to use only a limited set of HTML tags.

Contributors can write their own posts, but may not publish or delete them. Their HTML will be
limited to a few HTML tags (see Listing 10-1), and they cannot upload media files.

Subscribers can manage their own profiles, but can do virtually nothing else in the administration

Visit for a detailed list of all the capabilities assigned
to each role.


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