West Is Close To Destroying Paper Gold Scheme & The Comex

On the heels of William Kaye predicting the gold market would be smashed directly after the Fed meeting, today he told King World News that the West is now close to destroying the fraudulent paper gold scheme and the Comex itself.  William Kaye, who 25 years ago worked for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions, also addresses major developments in the war on gold as well as what this will mean for investors.  Below is what Kaye had to say in his powerful and timely interview.

Eric King:  “As I mentioned earlier, you correctly forecast this price smash.  Why do you feel, even though you think the smash may continue, that we are nearing the end of this orchestrated takedown?”

Kaye:  “The reason I’m convinced we are close to an end is the demand from China continues to be immense.  The smuggling into India is also significantly underreported.  So the East is just taking up, at bargain basement prices, all of the available gold that they can get their hands on….

Continue reading the William Kaye interview below..



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