My First Knowledge Blog

Welcome to Knowledge Blog. We are investigating a new, light-weight way of publishing scientific, academic and technical knowledge on the web. We have used Knowledge Blog in a number of different ways: hosting tutorials on ontologies and bioinformatics; as a conference website; and as a mechanism for documenting Knowledge Blog.

We also provide software for extending WordPress, enabling referencing, adding metadata to posts, and supporting mathematics on the web. Together, these pieces of software have had many thousands of downloads, representing 100s of installations; it can be used to provide a formal personal publication framework for the researcher.

Finally, we provide Greycite, a service which provides bibliographic metadata for any website, supporting our referencing plugin, and helping authors to link to the many web archiving services, enabling increased digital preservation.

The Problem

Scientific and academic publishing is a painful process for authors, reviewers and readers alike. No one really benefits from the current system which grew because of the expense of producing, printing and distributing books. The internet and the web technologies have changed this enormously, but still the uptake within scientific and academic publishing has been slow, and left much of the existing system in place; the reason for this is that some parts of the system are good: explicit authorship, peer-review and the ability to archive are the main ones.

We need a new solution, that removes the annoyances of the current system, while keeping the advantages.

The Solution

The solution is already available; we just need to use it in a different way. Blogs and blog technology has been designed to allow people to discuss, share and disseminate their opinion in a simple and light-weight way. With a few extra pieces of support blog technology can support academic publishing also. With knowledge blog software, we can add a little extra formality.


We have now made active use of knowledgeblog for a number of different purposes, as a journal, and for hosting conference publications. The tools and software we have written are also useful for other forms of academic publishing: it is used for my (PWL) open labbook; and, has even been used to web publish an entire thesis.


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